when youre doing a group project and they try to make you do the whole thing


Tate & Violet♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ they look the same in Coven


Whenever I see people using their phones whilst driving, it pisses me off so much. Do these people even realize how dangerous it is? not only to themselves but they are putting other drivers and pedestrians at risk? I mean ffs.. I managed to have an awful car accident last year and neither one of…

I cannot agree with you more!
Driving is dangerous. It’s a privilege. Do not abuse it. Do not put someone else’s life at risk because of a text message. You as the driver have a responsibility to be safe for yourself, your passengers and others on the road.

Don’t text and drive.
Don’t drink and drive either.
Be responsible please.



Imagine Person A waking up from a terrible nightmare, completely terrified and shaking. Person B assures them it was only a dream before pulling A into their arms, lulling them to sleep. Moments later, A’s alarm clock goes off, waking them up. That’s when A remembers: Person B died years ago.


Great tumblr mysteries






  • The name of the Doctor
  • What happened in Budapest
  • How Sherlock survived
  • Where the fuck the Hannibal fandom came from

what is homestuck

How does Sam always have wifi

how the fuck does the supernatural fandom have a gif for everything


My dentist once told me that letting go is like pulling a tooth. When it was pulled out, you’re relieved, but how many times does your tongue run itself over the spot where the tooth once was? Probably a hundred times a day. Just because it wasn’t hurting you doesn’t mean you didn’t notice it. It leaves a gap and sometimes you see yourself missing it terribly. It’s going to take a while, but it takes time. Should you have kept the tooth? No, because it was causing you so much pain. Therefore, move on and let go.





#that’s a fucking deep dentist visit

is your dentist also your therapist?

Your dentist should quit being a dentist and become a philosopher

my dentist just tells me i need to floss more


do you ever have second-hand obsessions

like one of your friends is super obsessed with a thing so whenever you see something about it you’re like “YES THIS THING” but you’re not the one obsessed with it. they are. you know very little about this thing and yet it still excites you because it excites your friend



we think we’re made of numbers. percentages on tests, pounds on a scale, likes on a photo, price tags on clothes. but we’re not. we are made of love and happiness and they way we laugh. we’re made of good memories and late nights and past-curfews. we have more substance than numbers.

this post is really important